Restoring Honor to Their Resting Place

The Friends of Sheffield Cemetery embarked on an ambitious campaign to raise $1.25 million in support of a three-pronged strategy effort to restore, beautify and maintain Sheffield Cemetery in a manner in keeping with Jewish ethics, pride and the shared sense of community we cherish in Kansas City.

Since the fall of 2006, we successfully raised over $1.25 million for restoration, beautification and renovation of the Sheffield Cemetery grounds. To date, we have engaged a professional lawn company, put in a new updated irrigation system, trimmed trees, removed debris and cleared the grounds for additional burial sites. The grounds have been beautified with landscaping and the restoration of the World War II Memorial located on the grounds commemorating our fallen soldiers.  We repaired most of the broken cement walks and stairs; aligned and restored many gravestones.

Friends of Sheffield is a group of civic minded men and women interested in preserving Sheffield Cemetery. It is an important Kansas City Landmark. Our loved ones buried at Sheffield Cemetery deserve their burial sites to be maintained pristine and well manicured. We realize we wouldn’t be here today without their sacrifice and love. The cemetery was founded in 1901 and is one of the oldest Jewish Cemeteries in Kansas City. We are a not for profit organization 501 (c) (3) with a special restricted cemetery fund established at the Jewish Community Foundation.

– We restored the two front gates to their original luster. Additional hand railings were installed to make the cemetery more accessible.

– We are making much progress but still need an additional $200,000 in pledges to maintain the historic grounds in prisine condition.

– The burial sites are representative of all the Congregations and many prominent members of the Kansas City Jewish Community, including our beloved family and friends. Our “Restoring Honor Campaign” was in keeping with one of the highest values in the Jewish tradition, Kavod Ha’Met, honoring the deceased.

Overview of our 3-pronged approach of completed projects.

RESTORATION ($250,000)
•  Restore and maintain lawn (completed)
•  Prune trees and remove debris (completed)
•  Install portable irrigation system (completed)
•  Repair concrete walkways, coping and driveway (completed)
•  Gates restored and new hand railings installed (completed)
•  Remove dirt and concrete waste (completed)
•  Align headstones (completed)

•  Renovate historic Chapel and Extension (to include office, storage and caretaker apartment) (completed)
•  Create Meditation Area (completed)
•  Repair monument to Jewish soldiers of World War II (completed)
•  Install benches (ongoing) – $25,000 donation

MAINTENANCE ($500,000) – (Seeking additional Funds to continue ongoing maintenance to meet inflation costs.)
•  Build endowment to ensure perpetual maintenance of the improvements funded by the Friends of Sheffield (completed)